Since 2006, in the wake of the old but glorious boat “Tresette”, the ” Voglia di mare d.c ” is proud to offer the new fiberglass reinforced plastic boat “Gisella”. This new boat was designed and built with lessons and experience gained on “Tresette” close in mind. It is 12 meters long and 3.84 meters wide, guaranteeing optimal comfort for all the passengers. The boat is wide and it can accommodate up to 24 divers, but the diving center will maintain the philosophy of a small shop, paying personal attention to each diver’s individual needs. All dives are guided and personalized, with groups of up to 5 or 6 people. The entire day is spent aboard the boat and lunch will be served. Guests will get to savor the day in Marettimo, spending many relaxing moments in the small but beautiful coves that dot the coast.

Principal boat’s characteristics:
Length 12 metres Width 3.84 metres Aifo motor of 280 cv Two available Coltri’s ( 16 mch ) compressors aboard moved by an auxiliary motor of 27 cv, that allows divers to recharge their tanks without having to shuffle equipment. Fuel’s capacity 1600 litres Water’s capacity 300 litres Cabin with dinette, roomy kitchen, bath with shower, 2 beds. Wide sundeck of 20 cubic metres Lateral benches where it’s possible to leave the equipment. Open platform on the poop deck for entry/exit from the water.

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