The courses offered follow the method of by the SSI (Scuba Schools International),
founded in 1970 in the United States that is recognised internationally.

Snorkel Diver
It is the first approach to underwater activity whit basic equipment. The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to diving without aqualung. The course lasts 4-12 hours and the minimun age is 12 years.

Open Water Diver
This course teaches diving in pairs with aqualung to a maximun depth of 18 meters. Lessons consist of lectures, practical lessons and 4 dives in open water.The minimum age to qualify for the license is 12 years ( Junior Scuba Diver ).

CPR First Aid Diver
This is the CPR First Aid Diver course of the SSI. Besides being an indispensable prerequisite for the Search & Rescue course , it is meant to make divers more aware and teach them the basics of first aid. It has been conceived in conjunction with the American Health Association, a leading association for the study and safeguard of public health, which supports research, pubblic and professional education and community service programs. The student’s kit contains not only the courseregistration card, a manual and various gadgets, the SSI has inserted a videocassette of the course to allow the student to go over the reanimation techniques learned during the course and practice with the aid of a dummy.

Specialty Diver
The SSI specialties provide for a minimum of two lectures, practical lessons and at least two lessons in open water. The purpose of the specialty courses is to gain experience under the direct control of an instructor and prepare the student for new situations. Prerequisites Student must have gained at least two specilties and have made as least 12 dives.

Advanced Open Water Diver
It is the certification thet proves advanced diving experience. You may receive it after taking 4 specialities and making 24 dives in open water. Prerequisites Students must have at least 4 specialities an have made as least 24 dives.

Stress & Rescue
The course teaches rescue techniques of divers by training students to apply first aid in the water environment. The course, that takes 18-24 hours, is divided into two lectures and 4 lessons in water.

Dive Control Specialist
It prepares the diver for thorough knowledge of diving technique. It prepares students to become dive masters, teach the snorkelling course and participate in the associate instructor course as well. It includes 6 lessons in open water, a complete course of open water diving , 12 lectures, teaching trials, rescue practice and aquatic skill.

Boat Diving Night / Limites Visibility Diving Deep Diving Navigation Wreck Diving and Archeology Underwater Phtography and Videography Marine Identification Computer Diving Cavern Diver Drift Diving.

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