Secca del cammello

Type of dives: secca
Dive of level: medium
Time: 30/35min
Deph: min 20mt/max 40mt
Visibily: very good
Current: none

This lovely shoal is of distinct identity and not far from the coast with the canopy about 18 metres away.We drop off close to the side in front of the open sea until we meet a big grouper that usually lives in this place. In this reef side, there are huge rocks lying on the sandy bottom, and one of them creates a passage within the wall reef though which we pass. At 30 metres we go towards a circular opening and we lie down on the sandy bottom admiring a big conger.

A shining, 6 metres long tunnel starts here, populated by a great variety of red fishes with big black eyes (apagon imberbis), typical of the gorges. We go out at 36 metres’ depth and we go towards a tower, covered by red and yellow gorgonians, where groups of saddled breams, goldlines and White seabreams live inside.

At the end of the dive, we follow the internal reef’s shoal, going up on the wide top of a submerged reef, where we find the den of morays of tropical sizes. We explore the entire area and we ascend with a group of bogues and pomfrets.

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