Scoglio Esterno

Type of dives: scoglio
Dive of level: difficult
Time: 30/45min
Deph: min 30mt/max 45mt
Visibily: very good
Current: strong

Scoglio EsternoWe are 200 metres from the coast near Punta Bassana, the visibility is so good and the water is so clear, we are able to see the reef from the water’s surface. With the help of a mooring-rope, we can reach the anchor’s chain more easily. We have anchored on a sandy depth at 38 metres, though the top of the reef is at 25 metres.

This is a difficult dive because of the presence of a constant current, both at the surface and during descent in the water. It’s really important to hold on to the anchor’s chain while we’re descending to avoid being carried away by the current. As we arrive at the reef’s summit, we are surrounded by an incredible Mediterranean paradise.

There is a great variety of Anthias and pomfrets on the reef’s summit, as well a group of white seabreams and saddled pomfrets of large sizes that we all enjoy during the entire dive.The site offers coral attractions like an explosion of red gorgonians, orange madrepores, sponges and more.Lobsters, morays and congers densely populate this reef.

While on our way to a smaller reef very close to the first, we encounter a group of dentexes, with each weighing about 8-10 kilos. Unfortunately, time goes very fast and we have to go back. We ascend to the surface holding on to the anchor’s chain, happy to have seen as much as we did.

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