Scoglio del cammello

Type of dives: scoglio
Dive of level: easy
Time: 40/45min
Deph: min 6mt/max 18mt
Visibily: very good
Current: none

Scoglio del cammelloThis is an easy and fun dive that reaches from the surface, where the reef rises above the water, 18 metres’ depth. We moor close to the wall reef rising out of the water that descends gently at 6 metre’s depth and then drops vertically on a sandy plateau.

The wall reef is rich with parazoanthus, sponges, orange madrepores, tubeworms, and vermi dal ciuffo bianco(protula tubularia). At 12 metres, there is a simple but fascinating passage, rich with its plays of light that communicate with the opposite side of the reef. Close to this place, there is a cave with just one entrance that houses shrimps and Apagon Imberbis (red fish with black eyes). We go ahead until we reach a crack that splits the reef in 2 parts, inside of which there is a large variety of saddled breams disturbed by our passing.

We are on the same wall reef side of the starting point, and nearest the surface, there are many recesses and fissures in which hide many octopus and littlle red scorpion-fish surrounded by groups of Mediterranean rainbow wrasses, European seabass and pomfrets defending the territory.

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