San Simone 2

Type of dives: orlata
Dive of level: difficult
Time: 30/35min
Deph: min 30mt/max 40mt
Visibily: very good
Current: strong

San Simone 2This dive, which is one of most beautiful island’s dive, starts at 30 metres on a bottom full of posidonian beds.Then we descend through a wide and impressive crack surrounded by red paramuricee along all its length and crowded with a great concentration of Anthias and pomfrets.

The contrast between the colour of the reef and the blue of the sea creates a surreal atmosphere.On the way we meet some lobsters and morays and, as we reach the sandy bottom, we see a small cave that houses a forkbeards. Leaving back the reef edge and going towards some lonely reefs on a sandy bottom at 40 metres, we find a wonderful yellow branch of Gerardia savaglia (false black coral) above one of those reefs.

At the end of the dive we pass through a cave full of large school of apagons, which lead us, with its plays of light, to the opposite side of the posidonian beds’ plateau.We swim for a little while between the saddled breams and finally we go back to the boat.

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