San Simone 1

Type of dives: orlata
Dive of level: difficult
Time: 30/35min
Deph: min 20mt/max 20mt
Visibily: very good
Current: strong

San Simone 1Descending along the mooring point, thanks to the good visibility, we can see 3 pinnacles, near an orlate rich with Posidonian beds. Those pinnacles are close together and create a beautiful way, covered by the current that we found at the surface.

The top of the pinnacles is at 23 metres, and their outer sides face the open sea and are full of big red gorgonians. It’s easy to find lobsters, congers and morays. As we reach the maximum depth, at about 39 metres, we find a wide narrow passage located at the bottom of one of the pinnacles, inside of which lives a big forkbeards with its family. We also find that there are many feelers looking at us, from a dozen of lobsters’ den. During the dive, we enjoy going from one pinnacle’s border to the other, like the little ball of the pinball machine.

We also enjoyed visiting the grouper’s den, hoping to see it inside. At the end of the dive, we swim with a group of white seabreams and a school of pomfrets. This is one of the most beautiful dives because of the concentration of colour and the variety of fishes that it’s possible to encounter in a small area like that.

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