Punta Basana

Type of dives: parete
Dive of level: difficult
Time: 40/45min
Deph: min 20mt/max 40mt
Visibily: very good
Current: strong

Punta BasanaFrom the boat we are able to see the reef wall that rises above the water and we can understand why it is called “Sticchio della Castellana” (you may ask to the local people the legend of this place).

We anchor to the reef’s end and we pleasantly swim towards it through the crystal blue water at 10 metres. From this position we observe the fascinating reef wall which is full of red gorgonians. As we arrive at the reef’s end, at 23 metres, we pass through a sandy canyon that is protected by a group of dentexes.

We finally reach a huge, empty massive rock surrounded by fans of red paramonicee ‘s. On the outer side of the rock, there is an entrance to a cave, in which we find a group of forkbeards living.

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