Boat tour of the island

The boat trip around the island is particularly fascinating as it offers a breathtaking and varied coastline with many caves under the sea, at water level and on the mountainside with precipices into the sea and calcareous gravel soundings. If you go northward from the port, you’ll arrive at the Grotta del Cammello, near the cliff of the same name, and the Grotta della Pipa. After Punta Mugnone and Cala Bianca we arrive Grotta Mammarino. Pass Punta di testa di Polpo and you’ll arrive at Grotta Perciata, and right after that at a cave with the nativity scene. Beyond Punta Pegna there is the Grotta della Bombardella and Grotta della Bombarda. Further downsouthwards in front of Punta Martino there is the wonderful Grotta Sommersa on a sounding of about 29 maters.

Mountain excursions

The painstaking work of forestry workers has allowed for the recovery of the marvellous woodlands that extend to the uncontaminated Mediterranean bush. The sea is fragrant with thyme, which the farthest and wildest of the Egadi Island is named after. The forestry work has also allowed for the retracing of the ancient and forgotten steps that consented the former inhabitants of the island to travel across the entire length of this impervious island, so they could make full use of it. Today the paths allow for long, comfortable walks and interesting hikes, while a roadway makes it possible to leave the small fishing village travel along the coast to coast to reach Praia delle Nacche, and be surrounded by green Marettimo pine forests. If you take the inner path, from the opposite side of the island you can reach the lighthouse situated 40 meters from the sea and continuing the walk it is possible to appreciate the splendour of Cala Nera, near the small promontory of Punta Libeccio. A very stupendous hiking itinerary southward takes you to above Punta Bassana and to the south – east to the little beaches of Conca and Cala Galera. Two different itineraries cross the northern part of the island The itinerary in the north-west direction takes you 300 meters above sea level to the Roman houses, historical remnants of the Roman period. Further up you can reach Monte Falcone at 686 meters altitude, the highest summit of the Egadi archipelago. The other path, going north from the village runs higs above the coastline and takes you first to the calcareous beaches of Libano and Scalo Maestro,then to Punta Troia with its Spanish castle, formerly an Arab-Norman lookout tower. Before the castle, from Contrada Rumurale, take the main path the Northwest direction to go high above the whole northern coastline of the island. From there you can reach Punta Mugnone where you can dive into the crystal clear water of Cala Bianca. The stretch of land west of the island that takes you from Cala bianca to Cala Nera cannot be reached by land, due to the Barranchi, huge precipices of dolomitic rock that reach 400m in altitude. There, it is possible for expert climbers to climb up from the sea.

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