Type of dives: cave
Dive of level: easy
Time: 40/45min
Deph: min 12mt/max 25mt
Visibily: very good
Current: medium

Grotta perciataThe dive site is in zone A of the marine reserve. The cave is already visible from the outside thanks to a large crack in the rock while the cave entrance is at a depth of around 20 metres. On the seabed near the entrance there are often rockfish to be found.

Before inspecting the cave itself a low lying archway gives access to another opening where there are a number of spotted sea slugs. Swimming back through the archway we finally enter the main cave.

On its walls are numerous different kinds of shrimp, crayfish and small slipper lobsters while in the many cracks there are morays and conger eels. Towards the end of the cave a “terrace” is home to thousands of tiny shrimp which look like a red cloud in midwater. When swimming back to the entrance the sunshine breaking through the water’s surface and into the cave offers a fantastic spectacle.

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