Type of dives: grotta
Dive of level: easy
Time: 40/45min
Deph: min 12mt/max 25mt
Visibily: very good
Current: medium

Grotta Cala MartinaAn ideal dive for those passionate about caves. Here there are three, all of them not too demanding in terms of difficulty or experience. Along the rocky wall at a depth of 9 metres we find the first cave’s entrance where there are two cerianthids. By entering and ascending we resurface into a cave chamber which is connected to the outside through small cracks which allow us to breath without our regulator.

Leaving the first cave we soon find the entrance to the second at a 12 metre depth. In this second cave we have the impression of being in a hut due to the shape of the walls, the sandy bottom and the archway shape of the exit at 16 metres.

While swimming towards the third cave we stop to observe a young but large sea hare. The entrance of the last cave lies at a depth of 24 metres and is guarded by a shoal of saddled breams and salema porgies. Once inside we see the cave’s broad ceiling vault which features a large hole letting in rays of sunshine, creating a strong contrast of lights and shadows. Moving towards the light we meet a forkbeard and then ascend through the hole towards the surface.

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