Type of dives: grotta
Dive of level: difficult
Time: 30/35min
Deph: min 18mt/max 30mt
Visibily: very good
Current: strong

CattedraleThe cave, which has but one entrance, opens at 29 metres on a sandy plateau with a descending slope. The boat has to moor above the cave, because of the frequent presence of a strong current. The entrance of the cave is wide and crowned by a colony of many species of sponges (including Clathrina clathrus).

The cave penetrates the reef for about 80 metres, high almost 8-10 metres and ascends at 14 metres. The cave is beautiful because there are large formations of stalactite and stalagmite and columns, so you can circle and explore them. Those formations are covered by a rich variety of organisms that you can see easily because the water is transparent and crystal clear. On the way appears a little statue that looks like the Virgin Mary, but in reality it is a wonderful stalagmite created by the nature.

The cave houses huge forkbeards, a big lobster, torpedoes that lie on the bottom. At the end of the dive, the atmosphere become more surreal, because of sunlight’s rays filtering though the water into the cave. The diver has to maintain neutral buoyancy because of the sandy bottom.

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