Type of dives: orlata
Dive of level: difficult
Time: 40/45min
Deph: min 15mt/max 25mt
Visibily: very good
Current: strong

Barracuda pointAt the very limit of the nature reserve, on the ledge of the Cala Bianca shallows pounded by frequent strong currents, we find ourselves on the pinnacle at a depth of 10/12 metres where an encounter with a shoal of barracuda is almost certain.

The descent is often demanding due to the strong surface current but these efforts are immediately rewarded with the unexpected dance which will accompany us throughout most of the dive: a thick wall of curious barracuda moves intricately to the point where the divers feel they are a part of it.

The surrounding environment is also characterised by a fall of large boulders which are home to groupers and goldblotch groupers. It is truly a plunge into the blue to swim next to these fish and then ascend back to the initial pinnacle where the barracuda are still waiting.

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